Why All-Natural Is Always Better

For years, pharmaceutical companies and their advisory boards often deemed “Big Pharma”, have been operating under a series of dark, alchemical processes meant only to increase their revenue and decrease their costs. The result is an industry that shows little to no regard for the welfare of the patients it proposes to be curing. This is simply unacceptable and should be combatted at every turn. While larger reforms, such as those that are the result of policy changes and legal pursuits, are vital to lessening the power of big pharma, they are difficult to put into motion, let alone achieve, from an atomistic perspective. 

However, this does not mean that individuals are powerless. As an individual, you are a consumer and therefore have a choice – choose Big Pharma or an all-natural alternative. If the right answer isn’t already clear, let’s explain some more about why you should choose natural products every time.  

How Big Pharma Works

Ever since profit surpassed service as a motivation, drug makers and drug delivery companies have been financially incentivizing doctors and health care providers (along with celebrities and TV personalities) to promote their drugs and compensating pharmaceutical sales reps based on the number of prescriptions written by the doctors they call on. It’s a practice that leads to over-prescription of medications that may not even be appropriate for patients and has even led to drug epidemics

Beyond incentivizing and promoting their products, Big Pharma is notorious for patenting medications, allowing them to box out the competition, control prices, and determine accessibility, all without making any improvements to the medications patients need most. 

If that’s not enough to deter you, it should be noted that Big Pharma companies almost always inform their choices based on the alleviatory focus of western medicine, since pursuing cures or preventative medicines would interfere with profit-making. 

Simply put, Big Pharma’s business model completely removes patient needs from the picture, focusing exclusively on revenue. But don’t just take it from us. The statistics are telling:

  • By 2021, Big Pharma profits for prescription drugs are expected to reach $610 billion.
  • In 2015, Americans spent half a trillion dollars on prescription drugs, and this is a number that shows no indication of slowing down. 


In stark opposition to Big Pharma’s money-grubbing crusade, the movement for all-natural supplementation seeks to provide an affordable and accessible way to help ailments and maladies. By focusing on naturally occurring foods and compounds that are more difficult to patent, monopolize or exclude from public use, proponents of all-natural methods of prevention and curing have understandably come under the watchful eye of big pharma executives. In fact, many pharmaceutical companies have done their best to capitalize on holistic, all-natural medicines, having realized that quashing them entirely is both unrealistic and bad for marketing.

While this cat-and-mouse dynamic remains, you can play your part by saying no to Big Pharma and opting instead for a variety of wonderful and holistic supplements naturally formulated for adults and children, men and women alike. With natural supplements, you know your best interests and well-being are the touchstone of their formulation. 


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