Always Avoid Supplements from Big Pharma

who is big pharma

Alongside state officials and car salesmen, some of the most commonly distrusted people in the public eye are large pharmaceutical company organizers—if individuals are using the term “big pharma,” you can often assume that their opinions on the pharmaceutical industry are less than flattering. Unfortunately, that common perspective is not without merit. Constantly, the news seems to be filled with pharmaceutical CEOs being scrutinized and caught engaging in civil and criminal misconduct. If that’s not enough to steer you away from big pharma drugs when purchasing supplements, let’s dig a bit deeper.

What Are Natural Supplements

Before going any further, it would be a good idea to clarify what exactly constitutes an all-natural food supplement. A natural food supplement is not one of those synthetic and patentable elixirs with a difficult to pronounce name that you will never see anywhere else besides on shelves in the pharmacy. To be more specific, a natural food supplement usually refers to naturally-occurring (as opposed to being developed or re-invented in a lab) vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and biological products (that is, herbs, oils, seeds, etc.). 

Well, Why Not Big Pharma

For starters, as a matter of fact, it's Big Pharma that most opposes the use of natural food supplements. Because natural supplements cannot be monopolized, due to their inability to be patented, and because there is evidence out there to suggest that many diseases and conditions can be cured or prevented by naturopathic means, the pharmaceutical industry has good reason to fear and oppose widespread use of them.

what is big pharmaUnfortunately, however, that fact has not entirely prevented large pharmaceutical companies from both challenging their distribution and simultaneously reaching their fingers into the realm of natural supplements. While the main focus of supplement-based nutrition should be to ensure the well being and healthiness, natural food supplements do have the potential to be a profitable commodity, and for Big Pharma, if there is profit involved of any sort, there is an opportunity. This contradiction is a major red flag.  Anyone looking critically at established western medicine might observe two things:  firstly, it is unusually concerned with alleviatory medicine as opposed to preventive medicine, and secondly, cures often limit profitability and thus can throw unacceptable wrenches into the agendas of pharmaceutical conglomerates. 

So, essentially, Big Pharma opposes holistic wellness supplementation to the extent that it limits profit, and actively exploits it (often through monopolies or militaristic force) to the degree that it doesn’t. Because of this, you can almost guarantee that any supplement created by or backed by the pharmaceutical industry and its allopathic lobbyists is partially synthetic and at least partially proprietary. For the same reasons, you can also bet that big pharma supplements are not being synthesized for curative or preventative qualities, even though they may be marketed like they are.

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