About Dr. Thornburg Wellness


At Dr. Thornburg Wellness, our mission is to provide clarity in a noisy, contradictory, and untrustworthy healthcare environment. Our journey began in a medical office with a dream of making lasting changes beyond the four walls of the examination room. Our approach combines common sense, scientific research, and natural methods, which has helped thousands of children and their families connect with lasting, vibrant health.

Everyone deserves the opportunity to experience generational health and wellness. We're not just a supplement company or a marketing company. We are a team of mindful parents dedicated to health and have come together to educate and serve.

At Dr. Thornburg Wellness, we are not influenced by "Big Pharma." Instead, our products are carefully selected for their quality, efficacy, and safety. We offer a range of supplements free from harmful chemicals and additives so that you can feel confident in your family's health.

We are committed to taking our message beyond the medical practice and to the people. Join us on our mission to help families achieve optimal health and wellness.
The November 2013 issue of Parents Magazine features Brian Thornburg, D.O. being recognized as one of the seven most innovative pediatricians in the U.S. and receiving the award at the American Academy of Pediatrics National Convention and Exposition.

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