Our Story

Since I was a boy, I knew I was meant to be a doctor. My birthday and Christmas wish lists were doctor’s supplies. My answer to “What do you want to be when you grow up?” was easy. Becoming a healer was in my heart from the very beginning.
In college I wanted to be well-rounded so I earned a philosophy degree and then a Masters in Business. When I subsequently started medical school, it was tragic. I saw how western medicine focused on disease rather than prevention and felt my heart collapse.
I stayed true to my belief throughout my training that healing, and not simply relief of symptoms, results from treating the whole person. Once practicing, I was forced to see 40-60 patients in a day for 3 to 5 minutes at a time. This was not my vision of health. My heart always knew that proper nutrition combined with a focus on mind-body-spirit health was the way.
With that ethos in mind, I started my own concierge practice. Since 2003 I have been honored to provide premier holistic health care to my patients. I’ve also raised 8 children of my own. I know the struggle and anxiety that comes from trying to provide my kids with the best life very well!
I’ve been able to see thousands of kids grow from babies into young adults. The products I recommend here have been hand chosen from hundreds of supplements for quality, efficacy, and price so you can shop with confidence.
Click here to shop Dr. Thornburg's pediatrician-formulated supplements or explore the insights available on our blog, The Waiting Room
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