About Dr. Thornburg Wellness v2

Our Story

"One of the 7 most innovative pediatricians in America." -The American Association of Pediatricians

Dr. Thornburg Wellness was created out of my passion to provide families with comfort and clarity in the confusing world of holistic health.
After practicing holistic pediatric medicine for 15 years and raising 8 children of my own, I've seen how powerful holistic medicine can be, and how quickly things can go wrong with your family's health. My clinical and family experience provides me with a unique perspective on the best ways of ensuring strong, happy, healthy kids.
Our journey began in a medical office with a dream of making lasting changes beyond the four walls of the examination room. The simple, scientific, natural approach we've developed has helped thousands of children and their families.
The custom curated products offered by Dr. Thornburg Wellness take our message beyond the medical practice and into your medicine cabinet. By feeding your family the right mix of nutrients, we are creating families with generational health and wellness.
We are not owned or influenced by BigPharma. We are mindful parents dedicated to health who came together to educate and serve.

Featured On

Dr. Thornburg has been acknowledged as one of the "7 Most Innovative Pediatricians in America" by the American Academy of Pediatricians, has been featured on ABC World News tonight, and written about in Parents magazine. 

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