The number one thing to do when you buy a new car

Written By Dr. Cade Copeland

Have you been in a new vehicle recently?  That new car smell really loses the charm when you understand what is the cause.


Dangerous compounds like brominated fire retardants, adhesives, petroleum-derived foams and synthetic dyes create a toxic soup of industrial chemicals that are used in assembly.  Even worse; when these new vehicles sit on the lot or in your driveway, the heat causes these chemicals to "off-gas" a lot more. And the worst part happens when your family jumps in.  Your first breath of air pulls those chemicals into your lungs and into your bloodstream. The body has a new toxic burden to navigate.

Is there anything you can do about it?  Actually, yes and it's really cheap!

It's called activated charcoal and it's taken orally in the Emergency Room at hospitals for overdoses of alcohol or drugs or poisonings because it is so incredibly effective at absorbing unwanted materials.  There are a few brands out there that make activated charcoal in a bag that simply sit in your car and work as a filter for all the circulating chemicals. 

Throw a small bag (even better, get a couple more!) on your dash or under the seat or wherever and relax.  That's it. The charcoal will do all the work in the background soaking up all the unwanted garbage floating around so your or your poor kiddos don't have to.

Why stop at the car?

What about that smell coming off your new mattress?  Better have a bag the bedroom. What about your new furniture?  The new rug? Yep, get one in the living room too. Have you been doing any renovations?  Painting? Sealing a tub? What about your cleaning products? The funky smell in the basement?  What else can you think of?

It's worth pointing out that there really doesn't have to be a smell coming off any of those things for it to be "off-gassing," the temperature, humidity, and aging process of the material all play a role in the long term breakdown process and stability of the product.

We love these cheap and effective bags so much, they literally warrant being everywhere!  They last two years and putting them out in the sun every month or so lets them "recharge" and become like new again.  

The say "buy a filter or be a filter" has never been more real in our ever-toxic modern world, we're thankful to a realistic option for a safer home.

Dr. Thornburg Wellness is honored to give you confidence for your family's health and we appreciate you being a part of our mission to achieve generational wellness.

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What is the name of the bag? Where can you buy? Thanks!!

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