Probiotic Snacks for Everyone

Probiotics, Kombucha

Probiotic, a word that we often hear but most of us aren’t really sure of what it is. This term is usually heard when you are starting a new antibiotic and your doctor recommends upping your probiotic intake to balance your body out, but what is it? Essentially, probiotics are good bacteria that have numerous health benefits for our body and mind when consumed. It’s the kind of bacteria you want living in your gut. Regular consumption of probiotics can lead to weight loss, a stronger immune system, a well balanced digestive system, improved mental health, and so much more. Here are some healthy options to get your share of probiotics.


Yogurt - This is the number one go-to probiotic snack, but remember not all yogurts are created equal. Make sure to choose yogurt with active or live cultures. Take time to read what’s on the label to ensure it’s what you need.

Sourdough Bread - This may be the easiest probiotic to work with. Start your day with an avocado toast made from sourdough toast or have a tasty sourdough sub sandwich for lunch. There are many ways to incorporate this carb into your diet.

Popsicles - If you’re craving something sweet, try these probiotic carrot cake popsicles or peaches and cream popsicles. There are a variety of popsicle flavors you can try to knock out that sweet tooth all while consuming probiotics to boost your health.

Jelly Snacks - Just as the popsicles, there are different variations of how to make this snack. Try these berry gut healing snacks or play around to find flavors that work for your palette.

Miso Soup - Most people don’t realize that miso is a fermented food, meaning it contains live, active cultures of bacteria. Start your meal out with this appetizer or make it a quick snack.

*Other easy snacks that don’t require much prep time for when you are on-the-go include pickles, kimchi, sauerkraut and select cheeses such as mozzarella, cottage cheese, gouda, and cheddar.


There are many drink options that you can turn into your liquid snack-pack if you are on the run or not feeling as hungry but still want that probiotic intake.

Kombucha - A delicious and refreshing fermented tea drink that not only has probiotic benefits but maintains regulation of the body's function, provides antioxidants and reduces heart disease risks.

Kefir - Similar to Kombucha, made with milk instead of tea. It has a bit of a bitter taste and is made using a culture of yeasts and bacteria.

Probiotic Tea - Many brands offer a tea that you can make at home loaded with probiotics. Try Yogi’s Cranberry Spice, Bigelow’s Lemon Ginger Herbal Tea or Celestial Ginger + Probiotics.

Smoothies - Take your favorite smoothie and add a probiotic supplement. This will keep the flavors you desire with a health kick that you won’t even taste the difference.

Lemonade - Make a pitcher of your favorite recipe and add a cup of whey to it. Make sure to choose wisely as some whey supplements have added sugars. You can even switch it up with a whey protein shake.

There are many different ways to make probiotics a regular part of your diet. Find a recipe, drink, or snack that works best for you and add it to your routine. It’s simple to replace products that you’re already intaking with these ideas. In no time you will begin to feel like a better you.

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