How to prepare the immune system for school

Our bodies are remarkable at warding off germs and microbes that lead to sickness.  However, with school starting it is certain that our children will likely get some exposure to germs that cause sickness.  We can take certain steps to help ensure our body stays in fighting shape to keep those viruses, bad bacteria, and other microbes at bay.

  1. Sleep: Adequate rest will provide your child's body the time it needs to regenerate, repair, and replenish.
  2. Eat well: Soldiers require food to march and your child's immune system is no different.  Inspiring your children to eat healthy will give their body the nourishment necessary to wage a winning war against germs.  
  3. Stress: As parents we get pretty stressed out making sure we are ready for the first day of school.  It's important that we don't project our stress onto our children.  Take a moment to be present with your child and enjoy this important milestone moment.  When the body is stressed the body down regulates the immune system and slows down digestion too which further allows toxins to build up in the body.  If you find yourself in a whirlwind, take a deep breath and a moment of pause.
  4. Washing hands: An oft overlooked fundamental to stopping the spread of germs is to wash hands regularly. Living and teaching everyday healthy hygiene habits are paramount to a lifetime good health and wellness.
  5. Supplements: There is no magic here.  These are the same foundational supplements that support overall health and wellness that we recommend daily.
    • Pure Fish Oil: Omega-3s are not only helpful in fighting inflammation which is usually a symptom of an over active immune system, but it also appears that omega-3's enhance the effect of germ fighting T cells and B cells.
    • intraKid or intraMax: These two liquid multi-vitamins are more than just a multi-vitamin.  There are hundreds of essential ingredients rich in carbon, oxygen, and fulvic acid designed to support metabolic, endocrine, cognitive, immune, GI, cellular, respiratory, skin, bone, muscle, and digestive health. This is a solid foundation to build from.
    • Chewable Probiotics: These are our naturally cherry flavored chewable tablets containing 25 Billion CFUs of eight different strains of beneficial bacteria recommended for children who can chew and that are two years of age or older.  The gut is where 70-80% of your immune system is located.  This is the front line of health and wellness and it is a war zone.  Probiotics, healthy diet, reduced exposure to toxins, and reduced reliance on antibiotics can all support a healthy gut.
    • Vitamin D3 Drops: Vitamin D3 is a vitamin that gets lots of press these days because of continuing research into its effects and benefits on the body.  In addition to helping build stronger bones and teeth by supporting calcium absorption vitamin D3 is also showing promise in cancer protection and immune support including reducing the duration and severity of cold/flu.


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