Chemicals in Foods Can Harm Children? "Yes."

Written by Dr. Cade Copeland
The momentum is building...can you feel it?
More and more parents, doctors and organizations are looking for the cause(s) of sickness in our loved ones. 
In her July 23rd article appearing in the NY Times, Roni Caryn Rabin explains why the American Academy of Pediatrics is using their weight and credentials to help bring awareness and change to the topic.  The particular area of focus here is chemical exposure in the food industry; from questionable ingredients like nitrates that are commonly banned outside the US to food packaging flaws like plastics and fast food wrappers lined with BPA.
If you're a veteran on this topic or just starting to dip your toes in, a fair warning; you can't "unlearn" this stuff.  We always recommend a 2-fold approach to the topic of toxicity;
1. Minimize exposure to new chemicals
2. Get rid of the old chemicals
We'll have more support for both of those as this website continues to grow.  The first is easy to do for all ages, but the second comes with many restrictions for newborns and pregnant or nursing mommies of course. 
Until then, a couple things we'd suggest as further investigation on this topic include;
  • 10 Americans - a short documentary on chemical levels in the body including a previously thought safe area; the fetus.
  • Unacceptable Levels - another documentary on how known carcinogens are allowed in our daily lives through food and personal care products.
Let us know your thoughts and concerns about this topic and how you're helping to share this knowledge in your circle of friends and family.  Are they interested, pretending to be or not even making an effort?  What ways can we make the information easier to digest for them?  As always, we love and appreciate your support!

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