Ancient Energy & Modern Balance – By Marissa Fatica

Tis the season of holy spiked eggnog, I have a hundred and eleven things to do! Sitting down and planning, creating and mapping out my upcoming obligations is an exhausting task and it only requires my brain, a piece of paper and a writing utensil…. How am I going to accomplish it all in my current state of confusion with a hint of heavy eyelids. The mere lines of needs and expectations are starting to blur together. If only I can divide and conquer, but as a woman with multiple hats I just can not!

So as I sit and ponder my life choices, and ask myself why did I take on all these tasks, I looked for a solution to my lag and I want to share my eureka moment!

Fatigue  and stamina the one thing I loath and the one think I crave, what can I due to address both issues I am facing. So to the innerweb I went, because lets face it, it has become the source of all self-relied knowledge. After getting lost in ads, blogs, self helps, I came across the holy grail! Two words will change your life and I hope you are sitting down and yes, feel free to send me copious amounts of love mail!!MACA ROOT!!

What is Maca Root you ask, well let me blow your mind and expectations with a simple supplement. No, I am not selling anything, this is not a pyramid scheme this is a root that is a treasure grown for us from mother earth herself. Maca root is known to help with chronic fatigue syndrome it promotes energy/stamina/endurance. It helps with stress relief and supports endocrine health. For us ladies it help with hormone imbalance, menstrual problems, and it has been know to dabble in helping our come hither here moments. It also helps boost a much need gland that we don’t think of or don’t know could use a helping hand. That gland is known as your thyroid gland, it is supports  a lot of things in your body.

Don’t take my word just take my challenge, it’s a week long and involves water and the simple task of swallowing a few pills. So lets reconvene and talk about how awesome and knowledgeable I am in aiding you in checking off all your assignments and goals, all while feeling like your younger self, you remember the one with no responsibilities.  

This is Marissa signing off with your irrefutable life hacks!!

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