A note to nurses, moms, dads, and caregivers

Written By Dr. Thornburg Wellness

This is a micro-short story with a message for every person suffering in sickness and their mom, dad, nurse, doctor, or caregiver who is taking care of them.

One of my former university students was in the hospital recently during his holiday.  Through social media, he asked,

"장염이라니.. 내휴일 어쩔? 토하고 설사하고 하늘이 노랗다..."

The translation works out close to, "What do you think of my holiday? Vomiting and diarrhea and the sky is yellow..."

This is when one of those truly unique souls who always put out a calming, positive, and caring energy said the following,

"I had a 'holiday' like that once, long ago. A kind neighbor was a nurse, and she took the Ringer's solution from the hospital and brought it to my house to keep me alive. Today, I don't remember that I was feeling terrible, instead, I remember that kindness is a wonderful gift to receive. I hope that you soon forget the feeling of (suffering) and remember only the glory of life.

Painting By: Lee "Joy"Ji-Hyun of Laurence Partan by

Painting By: "Joy" Ge-hyun Partan of Laurence Partan


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