6 Best Natural Supplements for Women

Given the number of biological shifts, both physically and emotionally, that occur over the course of women’s, life cycles, it’s little wonder there is great value for them in maintaining a lifestyle and diet that provides proper and balanced nutrition in a natural way. Beyond healthy lifestyle choices, such as diet and regular exercise, there are plenty of ways that women can support their overall wellness. To help, we’ve compiled a list of six of the best natural supplements and multivitamins for a woman to take at a variety of stages in her life.  

1. B Vitamins

B vitamins, such a B1, B5, and B12 are essential for healthy metabolism of sugars and starches and for hormone production in women.  Regular intake of a B complex can help hormones to become active or inactive, can help hormones reach the correct destination within a woman's body, and help to prevent toxicity related to hormonal imbalances. B Vitamins can also regulate food cravings and prevent fatigue. They are important during pregnancy, as getting the recommended amounts can reduce the risk of birth defects. Try our adult multivitamins to fortify your Vitamin B intake.  

2. D Vitamins

Research has found that women who lack vitamin D have a greater risk of a heart attack, heart failure, stroke, diabetes, certain cancers, and high blood pressure. In pregnant women, low vitamin D levels are linked to preeclampsia, gestational diabetes, and adverse pregnancy outcomes. In older age, women produce less Vitamin D naturally, and the aging can slow the absorption process. Our natural Vitamin D drops are a good way to ensure you are getting all the vitamin D you need.

3. Magnesium

In women’s bodies, magnesium plays role in such vital systems as nerve and muscle function, blood sugar, bone health, and metabolism. Magnesium is a mineral known to keep skin looking healthy and glowing and has been shown to contain important anti-inflammatory properties. Magnesium is easily depleted by things like stress, caffeine, and sugar, and many women are often deficient, which can result in cramps, anxiety, constipation, sore muscles, sleep difficulties, and other maladies. 

4. C & E Vitamins

Vitamins C E are well-known for their antioxidant properties, which support healthy skin. Vitamin C helps support the immune system and supports the creation of collagen, which supports the skin’s youthful, soft, and elastic appearance, and they may even help maintain skin health over time. Many people even apply vitamin E oil topically to skin injuries to help prevent scars or speed up the healing process.  

5. Omega 3

Unlike many things with the word “fat” in their description, Omega 3 fatty acids, are key for optimal health. While famous for their ability to help maintain a regular heart rhythm, reducing blood pressure, lowering blood fat levels and slowing down the rate at which our arteries get clogged up, Omega 3s have been documented to ease menstrual pain and regulate monthly hormonal fluctuations. They can battle depression and prevent rheumatoid arthritis, a condition more common to women than men. Our fish oil is rich in Omega 3.

6. Iron

Due to blood loss during menstruation, pregnancy, and birth, women are especially susceptible to a deficiency in iron, a mineral chiefly responsible for delivering oxygen to the entire body via the bloodstream. A multivitamin can provide extra iron.  

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